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Automated production lines increasing demand for biscuit machinery

AMC AMC 2015-07-02 16:02:16
    In the increasingly advanced technology now society, increasingly high degree of automation, people are increasingly concerned about the case of health problems, and biscuit machinery enterprises in order to obtain long-term sustainable development, automated production has become a business needs urgent issues.
    Biscuit machinery automation can reduce product costs, meet delivery. Such as cold filling production line of plastic raw materials from automatic on-line to the beverage filling, the packaging palletizing all automatically carried out in a closed workshop.
    Cookies degree of mechanical automation to improve accommodate update product changes. Flexible and flexibility, allowing the production line with high within a certain size range of package sizes can vary. Because the product life cycle is far shorter than the useful life of equipment, products and packaging changes will not replace the expensive packaging production lines.
The higher the degree of automation, which means higher productivity, less dependence on labor and food higher degree of safety. In this regard, biscuit machinery enterprises should focus on strengthening technological innovation, and constantly improve the level of automation to address business needs for human resources for enterprises to save labor costs, improve production efficiency and achieve high efficiency, energy saving, safe food processing.