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AMC China food conveyor

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com/ 2015-07-15 15:03:30
AMC China food conveyor description:
Food conveyor belt is made of nontoxic materials and processed, no poison, no smell, smooth surface,
Apply to the transport of food and food ingredients, such asenvironment.
Now drug-free food conveyor belt material is PU.
Because contain harmful ingredients such as PVC, polyethylene,so now for the food industry using PU conveyor belt.
Made of PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene thin, PP, PVC ACETAL,PE, nylon, PA, corresponding Special conveyor belt accordingto specific foods, such as: sea food conveyor belt requires agrid of seepage, and corrosion, easy to clean.
Common: vegetable conveyor belts, Special conveyor belt for special conveyor belt for snack foods, beer, seafood Specialconveyor belt

Food conveyor belt note:
(1) avoid the roller is covered by material, resulting in notrotating properly to prevent leakage between the drum andbelt, pay attention to moving parts lubricated, but not oilbelt;
(2) to avoid starting with load;
(3) the belt deviation, should promptly take steps to correct;
(4) found that tape local operation should be patched in atimely manner, so as not to expand;
(5) avoid tape subjected to racks, pillars or bulk materialsblock to prevent cutting RIP.