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AMC chiller suppliers

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com/ 2015-07-14 10:52:03
AMC is the China and America cooperative enterprise with three Chinese Branch offices in Beijing,Shanghai and Shenzhen City.

AMC System Technology (Nantong)Co.,Ltd.As the future R&D and manufacture base,will be formally put into production in 2013.

Our main products are including many series ,many varieties Cooling Tunnel.many series chocolate machines.We are al.so chiller suppliers

Since the company set up.We win the multinational clients such as Kraft,YUM,Nestle,GM,Bosch,Henkel,3M,SAFRAN etc with the high quality products and service.

Our production system has been successfully export to dozens of countries.

Here especial introduce AMC chiller.
Main products are air cooler chiller,air cooler water chiller,water cooler water chiller and water cooled screw water chiller.

1.Water cooler water chiller
 is widely used in many industries, including chemical, paper making industry, electronics, pharmacy, food processing industry, aluminum profiles, aluminum alloys, tempering glass, coated glass 

industry, laser technology, laser technology, jewelry processing, leather processing, cultivation industry, etc.

2.air cooler water chiller could be installed easily,and no need to equip cooling tower, all the specifications from 15 to 30HP are available, the unit equips multisafety protection,which could ensure the safety operation of the whole unit.
Assembling,inside wiring,vacuumize,adding refrigerant and adjustment are all finished in the company,which could further ensure the stability of the unit.It could be used in the following industry:raw material of food,cooling of finished products, ultrasonic cleaning, laser, medical equipment,precision machinery for balance.