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AMC is the production line of Chinese food manufacturers design

AMC AMC 2015-07-20 19:34:16
AMC is a Chinese design candy, chocolate, food industry, factory production line.
Kind of production line, according to the size range is divided into product lines and parts production line
, According to the rhythm and the speed of the assembly line is divided into non-production line, according to the degree of automation into automated production lines and non-automated production lines.
The main product line or process route and process labor ratio for most products, decided to have a production line for the completion of certain types of products processing tasks necessary equipment, arrangement, and the arrangement of workplace machinery and equipment and so on. Production lines have greater flexibility to meet the needs of many varieties; the water can not be used under conditions of production, organization of production line is a more advanced form of production organization; the products of different specifications more complicated, a larger number of components, Each product yield much, inadequate equipment of the enterprise, the use of the production line can achieve good economic returns.
AMC cooling tunnel conveyor, food conveyor cooling industrialization levels increase customer!