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AMC cooling tunnel in China factory

AMC AMC 2015-07-22 14:50:45
AMC is a Chinese automation equipment company. The company has been in a cooling tunnel automation equipment above ten years experience in the food industry with a cooling tunnel more chocolate cooling, cooling, sweets are cooled cookies with the space required low temperature, cooling industrialization narrow tunnel just to meet Space, time cost requirements. Industrial production also ventured to use our cooling tunnel, the tunnel used in the chemical industry, daily chemical industry is more, the company brings more substantial value. Process requirements cooling tunnel has been improved, outer body beautiful, practical, energy are we to be considered, the company exports abroad more, currently are promoting practical. AMC cooling tunnel manufacturer's leader, China cooling tunnel manufacturer.
A cooling tunnel overview:
Cooling tunnel is designed for food, chemical, industrial industry rapid cooling of equipment, materials reduce the time to reach the production line through the tunnel, the ideal device space is the modern industrial automation production lines necessary cooling equipment. Cooling tunnel for the product characteristics of each industry are custom series. Products according to users' different process requirements of different products out of the temperature, the product volume, product yield and so on, different process design, meet the technical requirements, configure the high-precision automatic control system. Distribution is more uniform than conventional cooling line, more speed, more energy, greatly improving production efficiency.
Second, the principle:
1, equipment rack made of stainless steel, the overall structure is compact, beautiful appearance health;
2. Enter the temperature can reach several hundred degrees out temperature can reach several degrees below zero;
3, blowing insulation, flow distribution uniform and stable temperature field constant;
4, insulation technology to reduce energy consumption;
5, a variety of energy utilization of heat recovery technology, energy saving, environmental protection;
6, the temperature sensor, high accuracy;
7, multi-process composition, rational process, can handle a variety of materials;
8, can provide users with heat distribution testing services, use of expert systems, on-line monitoring of the entire production process of temperature changes.
Third, the application areas:
Cooling for a variety of food industry, daily chemical cooling, industrial production and other needs rapid cooling of objects. (Such as chocolate, cookies, nuts, yogurt, etc.)