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World conveyor trends

AMC AMC 2015-11-16 15:29:56

The general trend of development in the world today is the conveyor belt: the more variety, high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, energy, security, environmental protection, long life direction.
Functional conveyor belt: a variety of purposes, such as fire-retardant conveyor belt, especially coal mine PVC and PVG overall with flame retardant conveyor belt conveyor accounted for a large proportion of the total. Special-purpose conveyor such as heat, cold, oil, acid and large angle corrugated wall conveyor performance and production continues to increase, especially with the heat-resistant synthetic rubber conveyor belt and frame materials development, temperature up to 150 ℃ -200 ℃, the cover layer through a special thermal performance can be achieved with 200 ℃ -300 ℃.
Traditional use of conveyor belt: general-purpose fabric conveyor belt to high-strength, low level direction, steel cord conveyor belt to focus on improving impact resistance, tear, abrasion and other properties. Maximum strength belt has been developed to steel cord belt 8000N / mm; fabric conveyor belt service life can reach 3--5 years, steel cord conveyor belts up to 15 years.
Light conveyor: base types of specifications of hundreds of different kinds, food, electronics, machinery and logistics and other fields are widely used. Energy-saving, environment-friendly conveyor belt to prevent material spills, dust enclosed conveyor rapid development, there are hanging, pipe, folded double with four types, maximum transport capacity of up to 3000 t / h.