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Choose water-cooled chiller refrigerant carrier which factors to consider?

AMC AMC 2015-12-09 11:17:57
AMC manufacture cold water chiller equipment
Water-cooled chiller temperature range is 5-30 ℃. So, companies buy water-cooled chiller later, in the choice of carrier refrigerant, how should I choose? What are the factors to consider it?
Upload an intermediate refrigerant medium, its heat capacity, so it is easy to object to be cooled to a stable temperature. Low temperature chiller refrigerant commonly used carrier is an aqueous solution of an inorganic salt, because it has a lower solidification stable, can be used for the evaporation temperature is low, such as an aqueous solution of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride aqueous sodium chloride solution.
Different enterprises according to the temperature control range, the choice of water-cooled chiller refrigerant carrier is certainly not the same. But the original aim, the choice of refrigerant contained, according to the following factors should be considered:
1, the refrigerant contained in the operating range must be kept in the liquid state, and solidification temperature is below the operating temperature, boiling point higher than the operating temperature;
2, the refrigerant contained to a large specific heat capacity, heat resistance, low temperature chiller does not need so much traffic in the transmission cooling capacity, can reduce transmission power, saving materials;
3, the carrier refrigerant can not be too thick, the viscosity should be small, so as to reduce the flow resistance and reduce transmission power;
4. Select the carrier refrigerant no burning, no explosion, non-toxic, it is better chemical stability;
5, the carrier does not corrode refrigerant piping or equipment, to be relatively easy to obtain, and the price is affordable.