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Chiller suction pressure is too low causes and troubleshooting methods

AMC AMC 2015-12-09 11:22:47
Chiller suction pressure is too low is the reason? How to solve this problem? In fact chiller suction pressure is too low for many reasons, so we simply say that the reason what caused this failure and its solution below.

      1, a condenser refrigerant liquid outlet valve is not fully open. The valve should be fully open.

      2, the refrigerant filter clogging. To regularly clean or replace the filter.

      3, an expansion valve improperly adjusted or malfunctioning. Need to adjust or correct troubleshooting, if necessary, replaced.

      4. Refrigerant shortage. It should be added to a predetermined amount.

      5, excessive oil circulation in the refrigeration system chiller. It should identify the reasons, reduced to an appropriate value.

      6, the evaporator inlet water temperature is too low. Improve water temperature setpoint.

      7, through the evaporation of water shortage. Check the pump, valve.

      Chiller cooling water because it is open-loop circuit, generally use the tap water through a cooling tower recycling. When the calcium and magnesium content in the water is large, easily decomposed and deposited on the cooling water pipes and the formation of scale, affecting heat transfer. Fouling too thick will make the cooling water flow cross-section narrowing, reduced water condensing pressure rises. Therefore, when the poor water quality of cooling water used for cooling water pipes cleaned at least once a year to remove pipe scale, and other contaminants. Prevent pipeline blockage.