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Several aspects of professional chiller to note

AMC AMC 2015-12-25 11:33:42
    1. Select chiller type injection molding machine size
When used as injection molding machine mold cooling, according to the injection molding machine to calculate the amount, under normal circumstances, each 6 oz injection amount required 1HP chiller, example: the customer's plant for the 100T (5.5OZS) × 3 sets; 150T (12OZS) × 4 sets; 200T (23OZS) × 3 units; chiller required size (5.5 × 3 + 12 × 4 + 23 × 3) /6=22.25, 25HP chiller that is required. When used as a cooling other devices, depending on the specific flow of cooling water to be.
2. The holding tank and pump chiller selection
Sometimes with according to the actual situation of the factory, box-type chiller may also require additional water pump, pump the same model must be applied at this time in the chiller water pump comes with power. As 10HP box chiller pump power comes when 2HP, the additional water pump, it must be for the 2HP.
When the pump power requirements with the same type of box-type chiller require the same open chiller, the external pump.
3. chiller backwater temperature, preferably not higher than 40 degrees, the higher the return water temperature, the greater the damage to the compressor.