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Industrial ice machine vacuum freeze-drying technology

AMC AMC 2015-12-30 11:44:28
  Vacuum freeze-drying technique, known as sublimation drying, the aqueous sample is pre-frozen, and then allowed to moisture under vacuum sublimation method. Freeze-dried goods, the original biological, chemical and physical properties essentially the same, easy-to-long-term preservation, add water to restore to the state before freeze-drying, and can keep its original biochemical properties. Thus, freeze-drying technology in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products, and other fields are widely used.
  Freeze-drying machine can be equipped with ozone sterilization equipment sterilization thoroughly, no residue, sterilization broad spectrum, can kill bacteria and spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and destroy botulinum toxin, comparison with other sterilization is highly efficient high cleanliness, convenience, economy and other advantages.