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Direction and trend of energy-efficient chillers

AMC AMC 2015-12-26 15:15:06
Chiller refrigeration system works according to the principle of low temperature and pressure liquid refrigerant in the evaporator inside and around the water heat exchange evaporator heat absorption of water, evaporated into low-pressure gas, the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant during the constant, low-pressure gas refrigerant into the compressor, compressed by the compressor, is compressed into a high temperature and high pressure gaseous, and then into the condenser, the condenser in heat exchange with the interior of the medium, part of the heat of high temperature and pressure of the gaseous medium is absorbed, the media temperature, high temperature and high pressure refrigerant into a liquid heat condenser, condenser process temperature constant, then enters the expansion valve is throttled, throttling is a rapid cooling process, the liquid refrigerant into a low temperature and pressure, after this procedure refrigerant then enters the evaporator to the evaporator heat exchanger, the refrigeration system in order to achieve the whole process, and this cycle is carried out continuously, the water was able to continuous cooling. With the continuous improvement of the requirements for comfort living and working environment, more and more people are starting to focus on industrial pollution harm to people, so the energy saving and environmental protection has become one of the main characteristics of this era. A billion refrigeration and deep industrial chillers as now was the most popular use of modern technologies, in to bring a better life to enjoy, but also to energy saving and environmental protection has brought great challenges. Energy conservation has become a very serious problem chiller industry must face the direction from the current energy-saving point of view, from the source to proceed, energy diversification and new energy is a national policy greatly promoted. Such as the development of solar energy, natural gas, city gas, waste heat power generation, industrial heat, gas and other non-electric chillers, is undoubtedly one of the best, most intuitive direction. In industrial chillers industry, Shenzhen Kawai era of industrial equipment limited company is a leader in the industry can be described by Kawai Times Industrial Co., Ltd. R & D, production and marketing of open chiller, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection this point. Its advantage is: energy saving, cost-effective, durable; refrigeration heart - fully sealed compressor and low noise, vibration small, high-performance power imported compressor, electrical control all imports of the original brand name, using a shell and tube heat exchangers condensers, heat exchangers, high efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance. Energy-Efficient Economy: digital electronic thermostat can be precisely controlled cold temperatures between + 3 ℃ to + 50 ℃, thereby controlling the unit normal operation, ensure the unit to save energy, the assembly of all the unit's internal wiring, refrigerant filling and commissioning of the unit are at the factory. 4. The apparatus unit: 10P or more units selectable dual-circuit cooling, even if a loop between work groups malfunction fails, another circuit can be run properly, ensure the normal production process. In the energy-saving method of industrial chillers are: 1, reducing the condensing temperature at safety and production equipment to meet the needs of the premise, to maximize the evaporating temperature and lower condensing temperatures. For this purpose to increase the transformation of the cooling tower, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the cooling water. 2, adjust the refrigerator reasonable device operating load in ensuring the safe operation of equipment, the chiller is running at 70% -80% load than running at 100% load, the power consumption of the unit cooling capacity is smaller. Using this mode in conjunction with the pump power, the operation of the cooling tower considered. 3, to prevent and reduce pipe scale in order to improve the condenser and evaporator heat transfer efficiency to add water if the water do not, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate heat generated will be deposited in the pipeline. So that the thermal performance degradation, affecting heat exchange efficiency of the condenser and the evaporator, and a substantial increase in electricity to run equipment. In addition to the use of water treatment technology at this time, you can also use regular automatic pipe cleaning pipe cleaning equipment. 4, refrigerator inverter device adjusting the rotational speed of the centrifugal chiller compressor low pressure refrigerant after centrifuge, pressure rises. The greater the speed of the centrifuge, the pressure rises higher. In actual operation, the device is mostly run in a non-full load. Fixed speed centrifuge device small load operation, resulting in waste of energy. The frequency centrifugal chillers can be based on load changes, automatically adjust the compressor speed, saving a larger space.