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Industrial chiller water tower maintenance tips

AMC AMC 2016-01-04 11:07:59
Because rust steel  convenient, high efficiency equipment, and therefore more and more popular, has now become the main site and residential buildings use tools. Next, AMC analyze the content of industrial chillers of tower maintenance tips.
First, after the use of stainless steel towers, to first clean the hoses and other components, paying particular attention to remove dirt and grease liquid barrels at the end of the recess on the pump. Especially after pesticides sprayed corrosive such as Bordeaux mixture, preferably with alkaline soak for 1-2 hours. Pay attention to prevent rust. Those who can disassemble the parts, must be removed to wash clean. Boom, inner tube wall nozzle to use oil painting, avoid damp rust.
Second, check the connections for leaks. When using, install water pipes trial, then install something else. First ensure the smooth stainless steel water tower when adding water, the liquid can not exceed the safe level line. Before use, the tower opened in advance, so that the barrel up to the working pressure of the pressure, to ensure a smooth through the water.
Finally, the core component of electric sprayer pumps and batteries. Although now on the market there are several pumps, but these pumps are afraid blocked. So be sure to use a clean flush drugs, be sure to use a small strainer to filter when water was added to prevent clogging.
If you do not use the sprayer in the short term, the main components should be clean, dry bottles in a cool dry place. If the long-term need, we have the individual metal parts coated with butter, to prevent rust.
Water-cooled screw chillers in the disabled do not let water inside the water tower, will lead to some clogging pipes, it is possible to make use of when the next is not smooth, so every two months once.