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Industrial chillers using preparation work

AMC AMC 2016-01-05 11:18:30
Industrial ice machine preparation should be done prior to use to prepare and how to deal with it?

    1. According to the scheduling command, timely open directive to specify equipment.

    2. Open the gate opening and closing, such as electricity Kwan Kai, then the handle from the axis of rotation must, as with human when power is turned off the handle into the swing.

    3. The opening and closing gate hoist should keep machine, to be shut down before leaving the machine side, after never allow put into operation, then left.

    4. When the pool water level reaches a predetermined elevation process before starting the pump, at the same time to get in touch with the dispatcher on duty according to the pool water level.

    5. Open grill should be strictly in accordance with the rotation of the rotary grill use required to execute and keep the machine ten minutes, check the mechanical equipment without abnormal situation only from the machine.

Note that the order must not mess around, in strict accordance with this procedure processing.