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Chiller selection method for cooling towers

AMC AMC 2016-01-12 14:38:06
  Cooling towers are water-cooled chiller refrigeration system ancillary equipment, but it is responsible for distributing the total heat absorbed by the system an important task.
Therefore, the cooling towers operating correctly or not, or choose whether to match the model, are directly related to the cooling effect and energy efficiency of the entire system.
Therefore, Toyota mechanical advice from the following three points to determine the cooling tower models to choose from.
    1, to determine the form of cooling towers
    Any Chiller cooling towers must be configured. Judging from the appearance, cooling towers rectangular and round two. Its import and export temperature,
Cooling tower is divided into common type (water temperature 37 ℃, water temperature 32 ℃), medium temperature (water temperature 40 ℃, water temperature 32 ℃) and high temperature
(Water temperature 60 ℃, water temperature 32 ℃). Its noise level is divided into standard, low-noise and low noise type. Therefore, during the cooling towers before the selection should be based on the installation conditions of cooling towers, cooling water inlet temperature difference Chiller requirements, noise requirements placed structures, cooling towers carrying capacity and other factors to consider, determine the cooling towers form.
    2. Determine the cooling towers of models, specifications
    The main basis for determining the cooling tower models, specifications of the cooling water flow. Cooling tower treatment principle is cooling water flow should be greater than the cooling water flow cooled chillers. Thus cooling additional 10% to 20% of the water flow on the basis of an additional factor in the chiller has been selected in the sample, and then select to meet the requirements of the cooling tower samples from cooling towers. But here to note one thing: if the local wet-bulb temperature of the cooling towers in the name of conditions related to the wet bulb temperature larger sample correction curve should be checked.
    3, to determine the number of units cooling towers
    Cooling towers to determine the number of units in full according to the water-cooled chiller, with the number of units should generally be the same as the host, that is, "a tower of a machine", without providing alternate cooling towers. When using multiple flash towers, cooling towers should adopt the same model.