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AMC Conveyor Conveyor

AMC AMC 2016-01-12 14:47:00
I. Introduction conveyor belt conveyor

    Simple terms, the conveyor is brought against the carrier transport and delivery of materials. Different industries, different working environment naturally, we need to use the conveyor belt is different, in general, a common type conveyor and special conveyor belt. Special conveyor belt to be considered in the design of the material nature of heat and cold, acid and alkali, so only the heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold conveyor belt, acid and alkali conveyor belt, oil conveyor belt, conveyor belts and other varieties of food pole.

    Second, conveyor conveyor Product Image

    Third, the delivery conveyor system specifications

    Here, the conveyor belt specification refers to the width, in general there are eight kinds of widths are available, the narrowest have 500mm, widest have 1800mm.

    Fourth, conveyor conveyor belt joint method

    Since the need to take into endless conveyor belt in order to be applied on the conveyor, where it is necessary for them to be a simple explanation piecing method:

    1, mechanical joints: the use of conveyor belt splicing buckle, simple and quick, but prone to corruption.

    2, head cold bonding method: This method is the use of cold bonding adhesive on the conveyor belt were blocking efficiency than the mechanical method to be high, but the process is not very good grasp, with no stability.

    3, heat curing joint law: a most satisfactory method, high efficiency, but also have sufficient stability, cost is relatively higher.