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Food industry conveyor belt how to care

AMC AMC 2016-01-13 10:35:43
As we all know, when the food industry during the food transport, demand and other conveyors to prevent the engine vibration and noise occurring forgotten conflict, and conveyor questions, so the effect is relatively large network with customers will be more concerned with conservation network The question, how to prevent the appearance of a conflict presented belt? Food conveyor belt transporting of how the conservation of it? The following reference:
1. mesh belt showing deviation:
If the belt tensioner axis deviation rendered representation, advocates staff driven shaft end of the conditioning. Note conditioning process, the speed must not fast, to avoid marginal network with the appearance of the presentation scratched presented.
2. belt presented fibrillation:
When presented with a quiver representation network, must be promptly closed food conveyor device, then view the transport frame or transport roller inside the tunnel is not presenting the appearance of corrosive, if renders this representation, the user needs time to adjust.
3. Chain rendering hop chain:
If delivery of the production work, while the food chain conveyor chain or jump once presented the work of running not hold onto, be sure to view the sprocket drive shaft ends is not synchronous operation, the other also need to pay attention to the output sprocket end is not excessive wear.
4. The transport corrosive materials:
If food conveyor transport network by working with corrosive materials or humid environment impact, the user must attach great importance to the selection of the food web with the parts data.
Contact points above the conveyor belt food conservation measures, expectations of users to assist informative. Always, the demand for food production according to their actual needs of transportation of materials, only the correct selection of food conveyor belt, can very well be used in the production, and thus less cost savings for businesses.