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Chiller compressor trouble shooting method

AMC AMC 2016-03-10 11:25:00
Chiller one of its main components-compressor, chiller system power source, the main role is to compress refrigerant low pressure into high-pressure gas. This article describes several common compressor troubleshooting method.
, Insufficient cooling capacity of elimination:
1, slide valve position is not appropriate or other failure: check the indicator slide valve and adjust the position maintenance.
2, suction filter blockage, suction pressure loss is too large, the suction pressure down, reduce the volumetric efficiency, remove the suction filter filter cleaning.
3, the machine is not normal wear and tear, causing ask gap is too large: adjustment or replacement parts.
4 lower than the evaporation pressure, suction pressure: check valves (suction valves or check valves, etc).
5, between high and low pressure system leaks: check the bypass pipeline used for driving, parking.
6, injection volume, the seal cannot be achieved: check that the safety valve is sealed, check the oil, oil pumps, oil filters, increasing the amount of oil.
7, machine discharge pressure much higher condensation pressure, volumetric efficiency decreases: check exhaust system piping and valves, clear resistance in the exhaust system, such as the infiltration of air should be excluded.
Second, low lube oil pressure elimination:
1, oil filter clogged: remove the cleaning.
2, oil pressure control valve malfunction: check for repairs.
3, large pumps ask gap, and wear: check repair or replacement.
4, crankcase oil not enough: Add lubricating oil.
5, the gap is too large, or part of the shaft oil leakage oil:
Three, cylinders with percussion sound troubleshooting:
1, piston impacts when valve operation: noise cylinder open the increasing gap between piston and valve seat.
2, valve bolt loose: tighten the valve bolts.
3, damaged valves, piston pins and bearing clearance is too large: removed after cylinder inspection, adjustment repair.
Cover 4, the spring force is not enough: the pad to increase spring force or replaced.
5 liquid, liquid refrigerant into the cylinders causing blow down the suction valve, throttle down or turn off, drain,
After four, chiller compressor does not start or start stop:
First, the cold water compressor not start troubleshooting:
1, electrical circuit failure: check and repair;
2, high voltage relay and fuel pressure relay circuit: check the chain of contacts.
Second, chiller compressor starts immediately after the Elimination of downtime:
1, the oil pressure is too low: check the oil level, for valve open, adjust the oil pressure regulating valve.
2, the oil pressure relay setting value too high: resize.
3, energy control valves or four-way valve is not in the "0" bits, dial to "0" position.
, Burns or holding tile: remove hosts, check moving parts.
(Screw chiller): open the by-pass valve (valve b) put pressure into the low pressure side.
(Screw chiller) is filled with oil or liquid refrigerant: exclude by operating the steering wheel move compressor oil and fluid accumulation.