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How to change a air cooled chiller compressor and its points for attention

AMC AMC 2016-03-10 11:21:33
Normal for, a typhoon cold type cold water machine using life General in 5-8 years, certainly, this just for Yu used Vortex spin type compressor of cold water machine for, if used screw Rod type compressor, its using life about in 8-12 years, is years span compared long, is according to external using environment, maintenance procedures, related. If if in other parts normal, just compressor appeared damaged of situation Xia, how replaced wind cold type cold water machine compressor and note matters, paper to Vortex spin type compressor for cases to for detailed introduced .

How to change a air cooled chiller compressors:

Wind cold type cold water machine need replaced Vortex spin type compressor Shi, first need emissions refrigeration agent, can high pressure side and low voltage side needed while for, ban only from high pressure side for, Vortex spin disc axis to sealed will led to refrigeration agent remains in low voltage side, welding job Shi, to not makes copper tube wall generated oxidation film, must pass into nitrogen, nitrogen to of time to enough, how does judge nitrogen to time whether enough, has a small method can and everyone share Xia, test method for nitrogen of another a export placed a lit of incense head or cigarette, As incense is off, air within the system are empty, can only proceed when the welding operation.

Due to the higher demand of scroll compressor, prohibits replacement compressors or other parts the compressor as a vacuum pump to drain out of air in the piping, otherwise it will burn the compressor, you must use a vacuum pump to the vacuum.

Air-cooled chillers when machine in maintenance, are not allowed within the system to minimize the pressure of a vacuum, the pressure in the system can only be running above the gauge 0.03MP, will cause the axial seal of scroll compressor suction side created a vacuum, and improper handling can damage the compressor.

Replacement air cooled chiller compressor Note:

Wind cold type cold water machine in recycling refrigeration agent Shi easy damaged, reasons is recycling refrigeration agent time too long, compressor long time in vacuum State Xia run, compression than big, compressor temperature soaring, caused burned. so, recycling refrigeration agent time not over 3 minutes; or observation low voltage table of changes, dang low voltage table refers to in 0.03Mpa~0.05Mpa Shi, again pumping 20-30 seconds can, or in recycling process in the exception voice Hou not over 20 seconds that shut machine. try running row, needed check low voltage, To find out whether you need add fluoride, low voltage depending on the climate, temperature control between 0.45Mpa~0.53Mpa.

Air cooled chiller compressors are key components of a refrigeration system, comply with strict rules, regular replacement of refrigerant oil and maintenance, there was no fault, if a failure occurs, suggested by bosheng limited technician for inspection and repair of refrigeration equipment.