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Chiller knowledge description

AMC AMC 2016-03-10 11:28:11
Chiller is the room temperature water or other fluid through the compressor temperature drops to a certain level of refrigeration equipment, temperature regulation according to the needs, room temperature chillers, low temperature chiller and ultra low temperature chillers. This article from the principles, systems and safety devices three aspects: to introduce knowledge of chiller.
Chiller works:
Chiller use vapor-compression refrigeration, which is the use of liquid refrigerant evaporation heat, refrigeration of steam condensation heat transfer principle. In refrigeration technology, evaporation refers to the liquid refrigerant boils into gas phase process. Liquid becomes gas must absorb heat energy from the outside world to achieve, so it is an endothermic process, chilled water is realized in the process, the liquid refrigerant evaporation temperature of vaporization is called evaporation temperature, condensation is the evaporative cooling to is equal to or lower than the saturation temperature, the steam turned back to liquid.
Chiller system:
Chillers is mainly composed of the compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve is composed of four main parts. In addition, in order to improve the performance of refrigeration system, to achieve better performance, usually there are many auxiliary devices: liquid line solenoid valve, oil sight glasses, liquid pipe filter drier, high and low pressure controller.
1, the use of imported United States Copeland compressor, new design.
2, stainless steel high flow water pumps in the South, very quiet, power saving.
3, equipped with sophisticated electronic temperature controller accuracy 1 c ...
4, microcomputer control system, control lines of chain control.
Cold water machine safety guards:
1, main power switch design exception to emergency power off.
2, control lines of interlocking control.
3, phase-sequence protection relay, power short circuit protection, current overload protection, hi-low voltage switch, freeze protection, water system, electronic time rhino and other safety devices.
4, when the unit automatically when an exception is detected, the indicator lights display anomalies and alarms.
Basic knowledge of chiller as noted above, in the face of different industries, chiller needs to do the modifications needed professionals according to the needs of the production.