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Chiller temperature does not drop to the reason

AMC AMC 2016-04-18 10:15:17
Water-cooled chiller, including water-cooled chiller box, open chiller water-cooled and water-cooled screw chillers, which when in use, supporting the need for cooling water pumps and cooling towers to provide cooling water, air-cooled chiller installation is relatively it is a bit more complex, resulting in the chiller temperature does not drop down more than is necessary factors, such as:
1, if the initial emergence of this problem, there may be a chiller matching right;
2, the initial use chiller temperature does not drop down, because there is a water-cooled chillers and cooling towers, circulating pumps, install a little problem between the pipes, according to installation diagram need careful investigation;
3, if it is used six months or a year later chiller that happens, it may be the following questions:
a, water-cooled chiller heat exchanger is dirty, it is recommended to clean the heat exchanger (finned heat exchanger or shell and tube heat exchangers), and subsequent use of regular cleaning;
b, chiller cooling system leak Freon recommended to find the leak, repair welding, add refrigerant;
c, there may be a chiller where the ambient temperature is relatively poor, too high or too low, resulting in chiller not meet the requirements, in this case can only be selected through a larger chiller to meet the requirements;
4, may be used in water impurities, after long-term accumulation of adhering to the pipe between the individual devices, resulting in a small water flow. Therefore, the pipeline between devices for cleaning;
For more than a few points, if you do not have professional factory maintenance personnel do not attempt to dispose of, but should contact the manufacturer to find the original chiller arrange professional and technical personnel, or in the vicinity of the factory to find a professional repair point for treatment; and for poor water users, it is recommended to filter water quality or do professional water treatment; in addition, users point to the unit do regular maintenance work, not only to ensure the normal operation of the unit, water-cooled chiller can extend life.