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Chiller refrigerant flow regulator

AMC AMC 2016-05-09 09:25:05
   Chiller (including air-cooled chiller, screw chiller) actual operation, the imbalance between the load and the cold is an objective reality.

  By adjusting the chiller refrigerant circulation amount appropriate for the load to achieve the purpose of the adjustment method has many species. For example, in terms of the compressor, the energy regulator in the evaporator, it is mainly to control the evaporation pressure regulator for the fluid volume.

  By adjusting the amount of fluid to supply the evaporator to ensure that the amount of fluid into the evaporator unit of time equal to the amount of load evaporated amount of liquid refrigerant, which is normal chiller makes trouble-free operation are required. Otherwise, if the chiller evaporator liquid supply excess, causing fluid suction tape will damage the compressor, evaporator when the chiller was underfunded, resulting in lack of evaporator liquid chiller unit can not reach the specified technical requirements, cold water malfunction or even.
  Evaporator load chillers are subject to change at any time the device must be the ability to automatically adjust the flow of refrigerant having the characteristics of the chiller evaporator means different forms and different refrigerant flow control device used, common types: manual expansion valve, capillary, various forms of automatic expansion valve (eg constant pressure expansion valve, thermal expansion valve, hot expansion valves, electronic expansion valve), in addition to have flooded evaporators or other free surface of liquid storage container to adjust the level of the transmission element has a high pressure float valve, low pressure float valve and level control.