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How to determine the load transmission lines?

AMC AMC 2017-01-10 14:26:52
Transmission line is used to transport materials, that any transmission line brought hosts need to transporting material, conveyor belt load and directly related to the normal operation of the equipment. Transmission lines that how to determine the load-carrying capacity of the conveyor belt? Conveyor belt of choice depends on many factors, take into account not only the material aspects of performance, and also consider the applicability with the transmission line. In order to improve the reliability of transmission line load identification, we still need to take measures, such as a variety of sensors used in order to meet the requirements of delivery systems.
Through the sensor settings, you can help us better understand the load of conveyor belt, because the device can be collection of load signal under a variety of conditions, so as to better be conveying line the actual load. So we just load control within the rated range, you can ensure that the safety and stability of transmission lines run, better transportation.