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Safety technical measures of belt conveyor installation

AMC AMC 2016-12-14 11:51:17
Safety technical measures of belt conveyor installation, its main contents are:
1. install the technical measures           
(1) the installation, commissioning, and drawings should be in accordance with the parameters required. Prior to installation, to carry out the necessary checks, including bolt, there is each part is properly seated.
(2) installation of the conveyor should base levelling, aligning, and follow the required order, note base and anchor bolts should be tightened, not loose, otherwise there will be a problem.
(3) the reducer, motor installation, appropriate adjustments should drive wheels as a benchmark in order to meet the size requirements of the various parts.
Bracket should coincide with the conveyor for the vertical center.
2. lay the belt safety measures  
(1) the belt before the laying, to the clean up of the site, the channel to ensure unobstructed line.
(2) intermediate roller, should be fully equipped, operation should be flexible.
(3) the laying tool belt used, must be complete.
(4) non-construction personnel and may not be the construction site.
(5) the procedure should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of, and obey the command.