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How to effectively reduce the failure rate of industrial

AMC AMC 2016-10-17 10:32:12
  Industrial ice water machine as we use the same car, also need a small maintenance and large maintenance, this will reduce the chiller failure rate, why say so?
Because the industrial ice machine it is also composed of many parts, each component will have run-time wear and tear ah, especially the compressor, which in the ice water unit as the human heart, it is like the entire industrial ice water Machine constantly supply the refrigerant, it is precisely because of these refrigerants in the run-time physical changes in the cooling capacity, if the compressor has been running from time to time small Bao and maintenance, the compressor will be running fatigue, lubricating effect of this poor Evaporator condenser is the heat transfer equipment, in contact with the heat exchanger when the water (or the air) will have a certain thermal resistance, if the heat exchanger is a heat exchanger, Not maintenance, thermal resistance is increasing, resulting in low heat transfer efficiency so that the unit can not run.In short, the industrial ice machine must pay attention to the usual small maintenance and annual maintenance, so as to reduce the failure of the ice machine rate.