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Maintenance and prevention of rust

AMC AMC 2016-10-13 16:56:39
Net chain conveyor equipment repair is about those because of damage, and the formation of equipment can not work and corrective work. Equipment repair is not the same as the protection of equipment maintenance, the repair of the primary intention is to modify and replace the existing wear or corrosion of parts, equipment rehabilitation of its technical performance and application performance to ensure that carry forward its normal function. Repair of physical wear in nature is called normal repair; repair of repair is called abnormal repair. Repair is an effective means of rehabilitation of the function of logistics equipment, is part of the physical wear and tear of compensation, but also an important component of logistics equipment management. Machinery in the course of its parts and components will gradually attack wear, deformation, cracking, erosion and other phenomena, known as physical wear. Because the use of raw materials and parts of the work is not the same, in a certain period of time to attack a different degree of physical wear and tear, so that the gradual deterioration of mechanical skills, can not work, the formation of downtime, and even failure, the formation of mechanical trouble. Therefore, in order to adhere to the normal operation of machinery, it is necessary to replace or correct the parts with wear failure according to the change rules of mechanical skill status, and to disassemble, adjust and rehabilitate the whole machine or part of the machine, it is necessary to carry on repair. Therefore, the patch is to make machinery in a certain period of time to maintain its normal skills, an important way to adhere to the company is an important means of production.

Net chain conveyor protection and repair and repair can not call each other, is the "anti" and "rule" relationship. If the machine is not timely repair, will use mechanical parts and components to speed up the wear or accidental damage, add repair workload. Do a good job of protection work, the timely elimination of hidden dangers, to eliminate the mechanical trouble before the onset, to reach preventive measures. However, the repair can not eliminate mechanical wear, when the wear reaches a certain extent, it is necessary to timely repair, rehabilitation machinery should be effective. In addition, logistics equipment protection and repair, repair, but also to develop safe work skills approach to ensure personal and mechanical safety

     First, the chemical approach:

    It is important to rinse with water in order to remove all contaminants and acid residues after pickling or spray-assisted rusting of the corroded part to form chromium oxide film from the beginning to restore corrosion resistance. After polishing all the polishing equipment, polished wax can be closed. On the part of a slightly rusty 1: 1 can also be used gasoline, oil mixed with a clean cloth to wipe the rust can be.
    Second, the mechanical approach:
    Sandblasting finishing, with glass or ceramic particles shot peening, buried, scrub and polishing. The use of mechanical means to erase the information has been eradicated, polished data or buried material pollution. All kinds of pollution, especially foreign iron particles can become a source of corrosion, especially in the wet environment. Therefore, the best mechanical finishing appearance should be carried out under the premise of boring the normative order. The use of mechanical methods can only organize its appearance, can not change the data of their own corrosion resistance. And therefore advocates in the mechanical finishing polishing equipment with polishing, polishing wax closed.
Stainless steel mesh chain routine protection tips
    ① often need to repair the appearance of stainless steel mesh chain cleaning and wiping, removal of attachments to eliminate the external factors lead to corrosion.
    ② There is a 201 and 202 shopping malls on the stainless steel raw material chain, appropriate in the absence of industrial pollution and air corrosion environment.
    ③ to the use of 304 stainless steel, 304 raw materials to resist seawater corrosion.