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How to make conveyor energy saving

AMC AMC 2016-10-11 09:11:33
With the rapid development of modern logistics, ports, mines, electricity, coal, building materials, food and other industries on the energy saving and environmental protection large transport air cushion belt conveyor demand more and more urgent. Conveyor line green energy is a trend in the development of conveyor technology with the continuous innovation will accelerate the rapid development of China's transmission parts industry, who came to the front means that companies have a more competitive.
Food Belt Conveying Machinery The traditional plastic bearing housings are based on a single engineering plastic material. In recent years, to meet the needs of a wider range of applications, especially food, medicine, beverage and other industries on the production environment, equipment reliability, equipment efficiency requirements continue to increase, a variety of composite plastic housings play an increasingly important effect.
According to the Chinese Food Machinery and Equipment Network, in recent years, the food industry, the industrial structure in the adjustment, industrial restructuring has been in the upgrade, China's domestic food processing industry is slowly concentrated, scale and capacity continue to increase. Nowadays, as the development of enterprise productivity grows, the food conveyor equipment needed for the production and transportation of various production industries will also be faced. Therefore, in terms of the design and development of food conveyors, the material and the performance of the conveyors are stable. Have a higher demand.
Reduce energy consumption, adhere to the development of energy-saving emission reduction as the core of the transmission technology; to expand the transmission of energy-saving emission reduction policies and related constraints under the constraints of indicators to reduce the conveyor in the operation of the dust, noise and waste; Machine in a variety of extreme conditions, the scope of application; greatly improve the conveyor capacity, widening the length of stand-alone, to expand the transport angle, speed up the development of large transport volume, long-distance large-scale transmission equipment to cater to the main trend of the conveyor market To the.
How to Convey Energy Conveyor
In China, the use of light assembly line late, but the rapid progress, with the foreign key technologies continue to innovate, the domestic development is also deepening. With the same industry, foreign companies in China to invest and set up factories, their production technology and experience also taught to us at the same time in the country looking for transport network with agents, also led to the domestic conveyor technology changes.
The trend of energy saving and environmental protection will enhance the development of new conveyor materials, new materials have the following advantages:
1, the performance is close to the situation, the new material light weight, weight is far less than the traditional rubber material, flexibility is better, the required equipment wheel diameter should be much smaller, so the comparison is more energy efficient.
2, more environmentally friendly. Compared with the traditional conveying equipment, TPU and food-grade PVC conveyor belt is very consistent with EU and FDA high standards are widely popularized in agricultural production, food processing and other industries, and TPEE, PE conveyor belt because of its surface material to meet burning non-toxic The requirements of the tobacco industry as the main use of band;
3, the modification is relatively easy to meet the performance requirements of transformer diversification. In addition to the good characteristics of the cover material itself, through the physical and chemical modification, can make the new material light conveyor belt products with acid and alkali, oil and organic solvents and other characteristics, to meet the diversified use of downstream industry needs;
At present, in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions with high degree of automation, light conveyor belt has been widely used in food processing, logistics and transportation, agricultural products processing, stone processing, entertainment fitness, tobacco production, wood processing, textile printing and dyeing, Electronics manufacturing, printing and packaging industries.