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Three Common Mistakes of food additives

AMC AMC 2016-09-21 09:42:44
Myth = illegal additives in food additives
"At present, the public put a lot of illegal additives mistaken for food additives such as melamine, Sudan, malachite green, sparked fears of food safety," Zhang Jian wave point out that these substances are not approved for use in food additives but illegal additives.
Jian Zhang wave, said food additive has four characteristics: First, these substances are intentionally added to the food production process; and second, adding the substance to play a role in food production and processing; third, food additives some natural or chemically synthesized substances; fourth, China has adopted a list of permitted food additives system is the only listed food additives. According to regulations, now allows the use of food additives There are approximately 23 species, divided into 23 functional categories. Those problems of illegal additives, are not within the specified range.
In addition, as long as today's food safety problems are often labeled "poison" the word, Zhang Jian wave stressed beyond the scope of use of food additives are not necessarily poisonous food. While adding excess is illegal, but have thus will cause harm to the health of consumers, the answer is not necessarily, but also need to follow the scientific assessment data to determine.
Myth food additives are not necessary
"Food additives play an important role and function in the production process." Zhang Jian Bo said, now the food processing industry has a very popular saying is "No food additive food industry would not now."
Jian Zhang wave further explained that all know diabetes can not eat sugary foods, but many people has been particularly fond of sweet, a lot of food during processing, often the sweeteners added to foods for human consumption with diabetes, harmless yet to meet the needs of patients with diabetes. We drink beverages which typically use an emulsifier, to avoid food stratification. There are the most common preservative, can control the growth of microorganisms in food to prevent food spoilage. Nutritional supplements can increase the nutritional content of food, such as milk powder were added DHA and the like. These examples illustrate, the need for food additives in the food production process.
So, how to ensure that food additives in the food production process it is necessary? Zhang Jian Bo said, first of all, producers are required to provide information on the need for support. Second report on the results of the experiment have, which is in pre-production process using food additives, really prove that it can achieve the functional purpose of the request, as well as for public comment. Finally, but also against other countries, there is no use of such food additives, from another angle proved the necessity of the use of technology in food additives.
Myth all additives are harmful
Food safety has become an issue currently being the most attention, however, we received from the point of view of food safety incidents reported, not together by food additives cause. Zhang Jian Bo said, in the course of food additives, safety is the most important factor, that is, the use of food additives can not bring any harm to the health of consumers. At present, China can guarantee the use of additives will not bring harm to the health of consumers. Through the study found, the main food safety issues, such as pathogenic microorganisms, and other contaminants, far ahead of food additives.
How to ensure the safety of food additives? Zhang Jian wave, said food additives should be carried out a risk assessment. First animal experiments, the maximum dose found no harmful effects in animals. Through a certain safety factor, usually 100-fold safety factor, which is safe from animals obtained by dividing the result of 100 times, whereby people can eat as much dose a day. This dose is consumers are eating every day of his life, as long as no more than this number, it will not cause any health hazard. Secondly, we need to assess how much daily intake of food additives may be, this involves two aspects: on the one hand to calculate what food to eat foods which contain food additives, on the other hand to consider the content of food additives which is how much. Through these two aspects of the data, you can get the number of daily food additives may eat. After this threshold is compared with another, if the amount of food to eat each day does not exceed the allowed threshold is safe.
Meanwhile, China for food additives, management is very strict. Zhang Jian said that waves, first, the need for government approval, includes two aspects, allowing the use of additives to perform list system, enter the list must go through an administrative license, proof of the safety and necessity of the process, in order to use as a food additive. Meanwhile, China's production of food additives to obtain the production license, qualified enterprises to produce food additives. Second, the development of standards. Our approved food additives which can be used, the amount of how much, based on what the basic principles of use and so on have made clear that standards; third, we manage the implementation of the additives allowed list system is a dynamic list. After not included in the list will be ignored, but also to re-evaluate the system. Companies need to follow the laws and regulations of the rational use of food additives.
In addition, food additives regulators also control the use of food additives, consumers are ready for the use of food additives play a supervisory role.