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Maintenance and Maintenance Method of Pipeline Head Gearbox

AMC AMC 2016-09-18 09:55:34
Pipeline head gear box repair and maintenance methods:
The first use in about three months will slow down the oil inside the net, with diesel or gasoline inside the gear box to clean it, put the net after the new lubricant added to the middle of the observation window can be. (Each month should pay attention to whether too little lubrication). After a year for the oil on it again. Too much lubricant may cause the gearbox to heat up and the motor overload may cause the motor protection switch to trip. Too little lubricant may cause the gearbox to heat up, the noise will increase and the gearbox will be hanged and scrapped. Edit this paragraph computer pipelined computer assembly line is the Intel 486 chip in the first to use. The assembly line works like an industrial assembly line. In the CPU by the 5-6 different functions of the circuit unit to form an instruction processing pipeline, and then an X86 instruction is divided into 5-6 steps and then by the circuit unit respectively, so that can be achieved in a CPU clock cycle to complete an instruction , Thus improving the CPU speed. Classic Pentium Each integer pipeline is divided into four water, that is, instruction prefetch, decoding, execution, write back the results, floating-point water is divided into eight water. Pipeline technology is widely used in microprocessors (CPU) in a key technology, computer assembly line technology refers to the CPU of the instructions within the implementation of a description of the way to understand it, it You must first understand the instructions and their implementation process.
1, computer instructions and the implementation process
A computer instruction is a set of specific binary sets that tells the CPU what to do. If we compare the CPU to a processing plant, then, a command is like an order, it led to a series of CPU_ processing plant action, the final results were the results and products. So, how do they work in the end? First of all, there must be a department to receive orders - CPU instruction fetch agencies; Second, there must be a complete order of the workshop - the implementation of the CPU instruction mechanism. In the factory, an order on the product is divided into a number of operations, and instructions in the CPU is converted into a number of corresponding micro-operation, followed by the completion of them to complete the implementation of the entire instruction.
2, the implementation of instruction and pipeline technology
In the low-end CPU, the instruction execution is serial, simply, is the implementation of a finished instruction, and then the implementation of the next instruction, such as the above-mentioned factory in the beginning of business, only a small workshop And the boss alone, then, when he received an order, he must be busy completing the first order, but not the ability to pick up the first two orders. This order → Order → Order → Order → Order → Order → Order → is a serial process. Later, the boss found that the order does not take too much time, and he also has a helper, they can work independently of each other, so that the boss on the completion of the order sheet products at the same time, to accept the next order orders. This is reflected in the CPU is the instruction fetch and the implementation of instruction organization, so from the CPU as a whole, CPU in the implementation of the previous instruction, but also in parallel to remove the instruction. This is a qualitative leap in CPU technology, it makes the CPU from the serial work into parallel work, which has a prototype of the pipeline. After the CPU has completed this step, the rest is how to improve the parallel processing power of the problem, CPU designers from the processing plant assembly line to be inspired, the implementation of an instruction decomposition into a number of different multiple Process _ microinstruction, which greatly simplifies the complexity of the instruction, simplifying the logic design, improve the speed. In the pipeline with the CPU technology, the implementation of the previous order just finished the first "process", immediately after the second instruction to join the pipeline, the beginning of the implementation. Obviously, this pipeline technology requires multiple execution units, which in the X86 chip have been achieved. Through the above description, we have to understand what is pipeline technology, which is not an innovation, but in the realization of technology is a major difficulty, is the CPU designers a major contribution to the development of the computer. So, P6 chip super-assembly line is how is it?
3, P6 of the super-assembly line
Super Pipeline (Super Pipeline) in essence is still a pipeline technology, but it made the following improvements. A. The number of lines from the Pentium two to three, there are eleven independent execution unit parallel support. B. In the implementation of the implementation of the disorder (out-of-order processing) technology. That is, when an instruction needs some data and can not immediately finish, it will be out of the pipeline and wait for data, CPU immediately execute the next instruction, like in the assembly line found a product is not qualified, , Waiting for rework a truth. In this way, can prevent an instruction can not be executed and affect the efficiency of the entire pipeline. C. In P6 will be divided into a more detailed instruction phase, so that the logic design, processes and so more simplified and improve the speed. In the 486 chip, an instruction is generally divided into five standard parts, Pentium is also true. In P6, due to the use of a similar RISC technology, an instruction is divided into a record of fourteen stages. This greatly increases the speed of the pipeline. So, P6's super-assembly line technology will play to the limit of the pipeline process it? Still far, in P7 perhaps we will see the new design. Pipeline and the difference between production lines: Pipeline is a production workshop in a pipeline machine to complete the operation process. The production line refers to the factory's overall production process. For example, from orders, began to design to mass production. This is the production process. Pipeline optimization Pipeline in industrial production plays an important role in optimizing the pipeline directly related to the quality of products and production efficiency, so enterprises have to pay attention to the topic