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How to regularly check the plastic conveyor belt

AMC AMC 2016-09-13 10:42:32
Plastic conveyor belt is used in a certain path above the continuous transport of materials mechanical conveyors, conveying different requirements, selection criteria are not the same, it can not bend or parallel transmission, can also be vertical or lifting delivery. & Lt; then how regularly checked plastic conveyor belt? 
1: transport properties, units of time, it can be transported much material? It is his ability to transport, of course, the ability to transport the bigger the better. If it is sporadic small materials, to see which unit of time, the quality and volume of transported material, if the material is finished, to see how many members it shipped one hour inside.
2: the length and angle of inclination transport, are factors that affect the efficiency of transport, because if shipping line is very long, or the angle of inclination is large, then it is certainly large transport resistance, power consumption is large. There size components, e.g., the width of the conveyor belts, and so the capacity of the hopper, the size of these parts is also a factor in transporting power of. High-speed transport, its transport capacity is high, shipping lines long, it will increase the speed of delivery. High-speed delivery of time to pay attention to whether the many aspects of the problem, some conveyors, the speed of delivery can not be too high, otherwise its power load is particularly large, different process needs, the speed of delivery is also different. 
3: Plastic belt wear factor it and past product comparison, has improved, is a new product, the use of time longer. Technology has improved a lot, even before the plastic belt after a lot of treatment, but also often the case fracture occurs, the temperature change in the process, it is very easily damaged, but now the product quality and technology to improve the use of a long time, the damage is not easy.
4: good lubrication, no matter what type of plastic material belt must do lubrication, regular cleaning, use of the process, there will be a lot of impurities, dirt or the like. It is very clean mechanical requirements, if lubrication not been done, affecting the speed of delivery, and also very easy to wear.