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Industrial chiller configuration and refrigeration principle

AMC AMC 2024-04-09 11:11:47

China high performance industrial chiller composition and schematics

Chiller: the refrigeration unit system, the refrigerant circulating system, water system, electrical automatic control protection systems, heat exchangers, chilled water pumps, water tanks (according to customer's needs), automatic replenishment float valve, water flow switch and other components
working principle

By heat exchange unit principle, through the heat exchanger to reduce the chilled water temperature to the desired temperature (ordinary ≥5 ℃, low temperature ≥-20 ℃), evaporation of water into the tank through the chilled water pump for heat exchange, resulting in the freezing water, pump suction circulated into the evaporator tank. When the lack of chilled water, chilled water can not push water flow switch blades, refrigerator stops running, then automatic replenishment device starts work pay, can be judged by the level display tank water level, open chiller again.
The refrigerant cycle system

Evaporator liquid refrigerant absorbs heat in the water and begins to evaporate and eventually form a certain temperature difference, the liquid refrigerant has completely evaporated into gas, after the compressor suction and compression (pressure and temperature increase between the refrigerant and water ), the gaseous refrigerant passes through the condenser (air / water) to absorb heat, it condenses into a liquid. Through the expansion valve (or capillary tube) after throttling into the low temperature low pressure refrigerant into the evaporator, the refrigerant cycle is completed.
Electrical control system

Including the power part and automatic control section. Power partly through contacts, for compressors, fans, pumps and other power supply. Automatic control section includes temperature control, pressure protection, time delay relays, overload protection combined with each other to achieve the temperature noted in the automatic start and stop, protection and other functions.

1, China high performance industrial chiller compressor as the heart of the (Western and Japanese origin of new original compressor, built-in security protection Shoulder, low noise, power and durability).
2, tank-type evaporator built-in automatic water device, eliminating the need for engineering installation Peng expansion tank to facilitate the installation and maintenance for small temperature difference between flow and other special occasions.
3, water-cooled condenser using the latest high efficiency external thread brass production, heat dissipation, small size. Using the latest CAD / CAM processing technology, with CNC machining centers produced, compact structure, high reliability, appearance, energy efficient.
4, industrial chiller unit configuration: Configuration microcomputer control system, built-in compressor filter drier and expansion valve, hand valve maintenance interface device to ensure reliable and safe operation of the machine to facilitate the maintenance.
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