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Pipeline design and operating speed adjustment

AMC AMC 2016-09-07 16:06:48
     Speed ​​lines can be simply understood as the product line will be transported from station A to station B time. But this time, the staff of the station B needs to complete the relevant process in the hands of the product and shipped through the production line to the next station to continue operating. If you run too fast assembly line equipment, it will cause the product backlog in the B station, and the impact of processing quality in this location. If the device is running too slow, it will lead to continuity of production affected, so that the efficiency of the entire production line is reduced. Therefore, the device is running the pace is very important for the production and processing.
       Line equipment in the design process of the program, the speed has been set generally good. But speed is not fixed, but can be adjusted in a certain range. Wherein the delivery line class common speed setting is 1-5 m / min adjustable, space for conveying lines 0.5-5 m / min adjustable. Design speed of production data and in accordance with the requirements of customers set, also taking into account the late increase production due to the proficiency of the speed of the production line of a need to increase the speed set in within a reasonable range