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Conveyor belt configuration

AMC AMC 2016-09-07 16:03:10
Due to good transportation equipment required for the operation of other ancillary facilities to be more work, therefore, in order to better match and other equipment, a total of the following products can be a good choice for use.
    Belt: Belt is a wide range of applications of material handling equipment. I produced the belt conveyor belt with its cotton woven nylon canvas core, suitable for short-distance transport of materials. At the same time, the company also steel cord belt conveyor equipment, their intensity is much higher than ordinary conveyor work intensity. Its surface structure pattern can effectively block unwanted waste products.
    Screw Conveyor: This conveyor has a good seal. Belt surface type can provide choice, it has a good effect on the ability to transport powder and small pieces of material. But also both be used in combination of stirring and mixing processes. Power consumption can be greatly reduced, the material is easy to dispose of their own ground transportation.
    High angle conveyor: aircraft types due to the high angle design can effectively save the feed distance. However, in the feed range, due to the inclination increases so it must adopt certain measures to prevent the fall of material phenomena occur. For this reason, in this model when applied to the production often with high blocking force transmission baseband as the necessary material loading platform.
    Coordination conveyor: This conveyor with integrated design, you can enhance the height of the fuselage. Is widely used in large venues, transport height larger place. For example, the diameter of 5 meters above the conveyors or other types of production from the mill environment. It increased dynamic leveling system can effectively maintain a low-angle conveyor. Meanwhile, the participation rate of the material flow control, so the speed control system has also been enhanced.
    Tracked Conveyor: This conveyor is developed on the basis of the belt conveyor. Its most notable feature is the use of the characteristics of the track transmission, high-speed operation. Suitable for mining operations in the rapid exploitation. Because of the characteristics of high-speed operation, you must set up the feed inlet shutter means, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste material. This conveyor some gravel mining field to try and get a positive application.