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Where is the difference between chillers and heat pumps?

AMC AMC 2016-02-26 14:59:42
     First, we from the principle of heat pump unit and the industrial cold water machine, in fact, is exactly the same.
     Heat pump condenser or other components give off heat to heating and cooling systems. In principle, all can be used to make the chiller cycles can be used as a heat pump and analysis methods are generally used in chillers are heat pump can be used for analysis. For simultaneous cooling and heating of the joint, you can either call heat pumps, you can also call refrigerator. So the difference between difference between them:

1, and both of purpose different: a Taiwan hot pump or is industrial cold water machine and around environment in energy Shang of mutual role is from low temperature heat endothermic, then radiated to high temperature heat, it of purpose is to get high temperature (business hot), is radiated to high temperature part, that is hot pump; if purpose is to get low temperature (refrigeration), is from low temperature heat endothermic, that is industrial cold water machine; due to purpose different, hot pump of economic sex index and cold water machine different.

2, the work of the two temperature zones are often different: by high heat and low temperature heat source, but they are relative to each other. Because of different purposes, usually as a low temperature heat source heat pump water heater is environment, while the chiller is the environment as high-temperature heat source. Therefore, for the same temperature, heat pump chiller temperature is significantly higher than the industry.