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AMC mesh belt conveyor automation trends

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com/ 2015-06-09 12:06:07
Mesh belt conveyor is a revolution on the traditional belt conveyors, belt conveyors for overcoming difficult maintenance, belts are torn, punctured, corrosion defects, to provide customers with a safe, fast and simple to maintain delivery methods.

Widely used in beverage bottles, aluminium cans, medicines, cosmetics, food industry, transportation, through the use of different networks could be made into a water bottle, hoist, sterilization machine, vegetable washing machine, cold bottle and meat transportation and other industry-specific equipment mesh belt under tension limits, the longest line is generally not more than 20 metres in length.
According to the market demand must also go to the automation of belt conveyor development of multifunctional, because production in low energy consumption and low workforce development, which is the most powerful way to reduce production costs and strong competition.
Mesh belt conveyor machines and the equipment must be to increase the degree of automation.
Both controlled and induction, and speed are to further increase the degree of automation.