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Snack food industry cooling -AMC cooling tunnel

AMC AMC 2015-07-07 16:09:30
  AMC is a focus on the food industry cooling assembly line manufacturers, food cooling is the temperature of the food to a temperature developed rapidly decreased, but it should be higher than the freezing point of the food juice.
  General cooling food temperature is ± 4 ~ 0 ℃. In such a temperature, both extended period of food preservation, but also to maximize their fresh state of food. However, because at such temperatures, some still growth and reproduction of microorganisms, therefore, the cooled meat and fish food can do short-term preservation. So this would require a high demanding sealing tunnel in order to achieve this effect, AMC cooling tunnel are high-quality products, cooling tunnel in the food industry get a good feedback from our customers. Winds flow temperature control inside the tunnel are precisely calculated that ten years of quality assurance, large global customers at ease!