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Food transportation machinery industry to adapt to different production needs

AMC AMC 2015-07-08 19:04:14
   According to the different production sectors of transport delivery systems, pipeline transportation because of its large capacity, long distance transport, during manufacturing operations can be efficiently carried out continuously repeated operations and a strong rhythm. Investment in assembly line production operations which are: food plate chain conveyor, food conveyor belt, food belt conveyors, roller conveyors food, food and food screw conveyor bucket elevator conveyor.
Food conveyor belt, plastic housing status of the development of food belt conveyor machinery traditional plastic housing with a single plastic material basis. In recent years, the need to adapt to a wider range of applications, especially in food, pharmaceutical and beverage industry, the production environment, equipment reliability, equipment efficiency requirements continue to increase, various composite materials, plastic housing is playing an increasingly important effect.
Plastic housing complex by the addition of fibrous fillers can achieve high compressive strength, heat resistance and creep resistance, composite fiber itself has excellent friction properties; adding solid grease, the selected fibers in composite materials and composite binding, it helps to reduce friction. Plastic housing with excellent friction properties, but also with high precision, low thermal expansion, low water absorption, high compressive stress, creep strength characteristics.
Production of plastic bearing material, as a new type of polymer materials, low coefficient of friction, wear-resistant properties of the loss, the plastic housing of the production material than ordinary carbon steel and other materials bearing more wear and also it has a self-lubricating characteristics. Self-lubricating condition that the cohesion between molecules smaller molecular structure symmetrical arrangement of atoms in addition lubricating properties and lubrication conditions. Surface strength plastic housing is relatively high and very smooth, basically no tension, with good self-lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction, while maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings on the basis of housing, it can be used in more sophisticated manufacturing operations or a high-speed operation of the transport operation. Plastic housing capable of containing a basic material in the working environment, the role played good, but not suitable for corrosive environments containing an acidic substance run the job. Plastic bearing rigidity, high hardness, even at a relatively low temperature operating environment, the intensity of the impact force is relatively high.
Plastic housing is a food drive belt transport machinery and equipment indispensable important component parts, the production of transportation operations better able to improve the transmission efficiency of transportation equipment, which play a role in reducing energy consumption. Bearing in the development process of modern technology in order to better improve the bearing load capacity, in terms of performance and material aspects of bearing, we have conducted a more excellent innovation, and to make use of plastic bearing . After testing, plastic housing than ordinary steel bearing stiffness and hardness even stronger, so it is used in different food production conveyor belt conveyor industry.
Symmetry vision of the spider gear structure of the food belt conveyor accessories star wheel so that the star wheel having a plurality of evenly distributed planetary transmission orbit, and the role of food belt conveyor drive, so that the center wheel and boom bearing force to balance each other, thus contributing to improve the transmission efficiency. Only need to choose the appropriate type of planetary transmission and distribution gear program, can be obtained with a small number of large transmission ratio dozens gear.
Because the spider uses the same number of planet wheels, evenly distributed around the center wheel in order to make the inertia force and the arm of the planetary wheel balance each other. It also allows an increase in the number of teeth involved in engagement, so the movement of the planetary gear transmission smooth, strong resistance to shock and vibration, work more reliable, so the star wheel in the production of transportation operations, better able to compare the smooth delivery ; and the ability of the spider shock and vibration is relatively strong.
Food belt conveyor star wheel gear transmission mechanism, widely used in chemical heat treatment carburizing and nitriding. Gear manufacturing precision generally in the six or more. Obviously, the use of hardened, precision will help to further improve the carrying capacity of the gear size becomes smaller.
Hardened precision. Star wheel of the production of materials including high alloy content and hardenability also better fine-grained steel. With the decrease quenching temperature, hardness tooth table changed little, but a reduction in hardness of heart is more obvious. Increase carbonitrides star wheel can effectively improve the wear resistance and contact fatigue strength, and the right amount of retained austenite contribute to improving the state of the surface of contact stress, after carbonitriding treatment, wear sexual performance, contact fatigue strength and deformation, can get better use.
Star wheel drive mechanism in the high-speed transmission, the transmission power is relatively large, but also can be used in low-speed, heavy-duty food belt conveyor drive, and better able to deliver large torque, large-sized transport equipment, so star wheels are widely used in the fields of food production and transportation jobs in industrial enterprises, but also better able to use in a variety of mechanical transmission reducer, gearbox and transmission like.
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