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Belt conveyor line need to pay attention to matters

AMC AMC 2016-11-28 09:47:58
Belt conveyor line is simple, easy to use, widely used in logistics, electronics, food, electrical and other fields, as the field of industrial transport is a very necessary equipment. Although the belt conveyor line is simple to use, there are some things to keep in mind in daily use.

  Belt unloading head and head cleaning device, belt backstop, easy unloading, the head of the forefront of the outrigger unloading arm, unloading roller and stretched out by the frame, drum mounted on the extension frame, the axis position Can be adjusted through the bearing on both sides of the bolt to adjust the tape in the head of the deviation, in the lower part of the unloading drum with two cleaners, the scraper squeeze on the tape, it can remove the adhesion Of the crushed coal, belt-type backstop to prevent parking tape reversal.

  The retracting tape device is located at the rear of the tensioning winch. It is made up of frame, aligning roller, reducer, motor, and rotating rod. Its function is to add the tape to the conveyor body or from the conveyor The body is removed, the rack at both ends and back, the installation of a rotating rod, when the increase or decrease tape to clamp the main tape, self-aligning roller group for the retraction tape guide.

  Belt conveyor line work will roll into the rack at one end with the tailstock from the top of the other end of the shaft in the top of the reducer, the motor drive through the reducer shaft of the dial to drive the reel, winding tape, release Tape, release the tape does not open the motor from the outside drag roll reversal, inactive when the activities can be linked to the rack rack hanging in order to narrow the width of the activities above the track should be set up hoisting device hoisting, roadway Width can be widened appropriately according to specific circumstances, in order to facilitate the operation of tape income.