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Maintenance of Industrial Headline Motor

AMC AMC 2016-11-28 09:42:18
Do not water the motor, or add diesel and liquid organic compounds to the motor, as this will cause the motor insulation damage and failure. Maintenance of the speed head with the motor. The rest of the electrical manual to check the electrical maintenance and maintenance.

Chain maintenance method

Industrial chain in the long-term operation may lead to the original heat volatile oil, which led to the chain in the process of unbalance, noise increases, crawling and so on. At this point you can open the tail of the sealing plate, the chain with butter or a little thick lubricants.

Maintenance method of gear box

The first use in about three months will slow down the oil inside the net, with diesel or gasoline inside the gear box to clean it, put the net after the new lubricant added to the middle of the window immediately. (Each month should pay attention to whether too little lubrication). After a year for the oil on it again. Too much lubricant may cause the gear box to heat up and the motor overload may cause the motor protection switch to trip. Too little lubricant may cause the gearbox to heat up, the noise will increase and the gearbox will be hanged and scrapped.

Classification of industrial assembly lines

Can be divided into manual plug-in lines and chain automatic plug-in line, suitable for multi-standard circuit board plug-in process.

  Industrial assembly line plug-in style: unilateral, bilateral plug-in, turn plug-in line.

  Electric control: frequency, stepless speed motor, electronic speed motor.

  Operation mode: Separable forcing and free section.

  Side waist structure: steel structure, aluminum structure.

  Can be equipped with options: trachea, fan, process card holder, instrument panel, socket, toolbox.