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Chinese manufacturing AMC chain conveyor Features

2016-06-12 10:14:58
Chain conveyor Features
1. throughput, allow transfer of a large number of materials in a small volume of space, conveying capacity 15 ~ 500m3 / h.
2. transport low energy consumption, by means of the internal friction materials, and screw conveyor compared to saving 40% to 60%.
3. Seal and secure, sealed enclosure so that dust can seamlessly drill, safe, reliable operation.
4. Long service life, alloy steel conveyor through advanced heat treatment processing, the normal life span & gt; 3, the roller chain life (depending on the material) 1 to 3 years.
5. The conveyor length is long, level of transmission distance up to 60 meters.
6. The process layout flexibility, elevated, ground, pit, climbing (15) to install, multi-point access to materials.
7. Use low-cost, energy-saving and durable, low maintenance rate, reduce consumption and improve efficiency. Chain conveyor and selection process layout: Chain conveyors performance specifications as shown in Table I. The table lists the various models range transmission capacity at different chain speed. The same throughput can be selected in the table to a different model, if the choice of a larger chain models are low-speed, low wear, but higher investment FU-chain conveyor equipment, if you use a smaller model chain speed faster wear is relatively high, but the tubular chain conveyor investment relatively Province. It should be noted that, when the actual delivery capacity of less than 65% of the transmission capacity of the aircraft, since the slot machine conveyor material layer is too thin, resulting in idle, will increase equipment wear. Therefore, the actual throughput conveyor recommendation not less than the minimum transmission capacity in a table, the actual throughput is multiplied by 1.2 in the future, it should not be higher than the maximum transmission capacity of the table.