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Chain repair and maintenance methods

AMC AMC 2016-06-12 10:11:01
A plurality of line parts repair and maintenance methods, can help companies in the process of applying effectively extend the service life of the pipeline, the use of maintenance methods described below:
1, a pipeline components - head motor maintenance methods:
When the motor must not use water, and do not add diesel and liquid organic compound on the motor, as it will very likely result in damage to the insulation of the motor and failure. Maintenance of the same head speed motor. Remaining examine "Electrical Manual" motor maintenance and maintenance
2, pipeline components --- two chain repair and maintenance methods:
Everyone knows: the chain after prolonged operation may lead to the original oil heat volatilization, resulting in loss of balance in the chain before shipment process, noise becomes large, crawling phenomenon. Then you can open the pipeline tail seal plate, add to the chain, such as the right amount of butter or a little darker lubricants, chain can also operate effectively.
3, lines the nose gear box repair and maintenance methods:
The first use of the pipeline will be around in three months deceleration box of oil put the net, then diesel or gasoline to wash inside the gearbox, put the net after the new lubricant was added to the viewing window in the middle can be. Large prance remind the user's attention (per month should pay attention to whether too little lubrication). After the lubricating oil change once a year on it. Lubricating oil can not be too much, Too much oil can cause fever gearbox, the motor load is too large motor protection switch tripped. Of course, the lubricating oil also can not too little, too little lubricant may lead to the gearbox heat, noise increases and gearbox hanged scrapped.