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How to Improve the Quality of Conveying Pipeline

AMC AMC 2016-10-27 13:29:33
In the pipeline quality improvement planning work should be to develop appropriate quality improvement objectives, to establish and objectives of the quality strategy, and to develop a sound and reasonable quality improvement plan for the selected pipeline quality improvement project to implement quality improvement work .
    (1) Managers should establish quality improvement objectives throughout the enterprise so that they can measure their progress.
(2) quality improvement objectives should be closely integrated with the overall business objectives, and focus on improving customer satisfaction and process effectiveness and efficiency.
(3) The quality improvement objectives specified should be clearly understandable, challenging and appropriate.
(4) Periodically review the objectives of quality improvement to reflect changing customer expectations, such as customer satisfaction, market position, product development, and quality management work.
(5) in the development of quality improvement objectives on the basis of, but also according to the objectives of the establishment of quality policy support.
(6) Managers should formulate quality improvement plans within the scope of business planning in order to provide bribe guidance and direction to meet quality improvement objectives and implement quality policy.
(7) in the process of developing quality improvement plan, pay attention to the implementation of quality improvement objectives and strategies, and through the improvement of the development plan, so that the various functional departments and each member are involved in quality improvement work, Through the implementation of quality improvement program, the basic elimination of quality problems, "common", "multiple disease", "seasonal disease."
(8) Quality improvement programs are generally implemented through a series of specific quality improvement projects or activities.