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How to effectively reduce the exhaust temperature of industrial chiller compressor

AMC AMC 2024-03-22 14:18:53

Refrigeration compressor is the core component of industrial chillers, and therefore the exhaust gas temperature of the compressor is compressor operation is an important parameter. Run if you want to protect industrial chillers enterprise security and stability, we must pay attention to the existence of the compressor discharge temperature is too high phenomenon. Based on the exhaust temperature depends on the pressure ratio compressor, intake and exhaust pressure loss, end suction temperature and changeable compression index, therefore, once the industrial chiller compressor discharge temperature is too high, it can be from a few aspects to consider.

1, industrial water depot when configuring industrial chillers, the first to limit single-stage compressor pressure ratio, high pressure ratio compression should adopt a multi-stage approach intermediate cooling to achieve, that is, we often say that the two-stage compression chiller . In operation to prevent condensation pressure is too high, the evaporation pressure is too low and so on. Reducing intake and exhaust resistance actually played a reduced cylinder pressure ratio of the actual action.

2, to enhance the cooling of industrial chillers refrigeration compressors, weakening inhaled refrigerant heating, thereby reducing the intake end of the refrigerant temperature and variable compression index, it is an effective way to reduce exhaust temperature, such as narrow row dividing plane between the gas chamber and the suction chamber; the cylinder head cooling water jacket is set; the suction pipe wrapped with insulation and other measures.

3, on the use of a hermetic compressor industrial chillers, can be taken to improve the built-in motor efficiency, thereby reducing the heat of the motor, which reduces refrigeration compressor discharge temperature plays an important role.

4, low temperature chiller uses a cryogenic refrigerant compressor, in order to reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas, can be used directly injected into the liquid refrigerant to the intake pipe of methods.

5, in the same evaporating temperature and condensing temperature different refrigerants have different exhaust temperatures, such as: R134a R22 exhaust gas temperature is lower than the temperature of the exhaust gas, so a reasonable selection of refrigerant chiller is controlling industrial refrigeration Important methods compressor discharge temperature.

After a comprehensive analysis, you will find factors affecting industrial chillers refrigeration compressor discharge temperature is multifaceted, if you want to ensure the safe operation of industrial chillers, the operation must be based on the specific circumstances, to take appropriate measures in order to reduce the cooling exhaust gas temperature of the compressor.