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The role of food conveyor in food industry

AMC AMC 2017-11-24 14:20:24
   In the food industry, food conveyor is mainly used to transport food raw materials or finished products in beverages, fruit processing, filling, cleaning and other fields of application. Food conveyor generally used special food-grade conveyor belt, there are rubber, canvas, PVC, PU and other materials, so in addition to ordinary material delivery, part of the conveyor can also meet oil, anti-static, corrosion-resistant and other special requirements of the delivery of materials. In addition, there are many advantages of food conveyor, such as the structure of the equipment is reliable, can be in a more hostile environment to work, can make each production link, save production cycle, improve work efficiency.   
    As a result of food conveyor different material composition, can be divided into belt conveyor, plate conveyor, mesh belt conveyor and other products. Among them, the belt conveyor can convey a wide range of materials, not only can transport a variety of bulk materials, can also be transported a variety of cartons, packaging bags and other items, but also as cleaning, selection, processing, inspection of materials, the use of a wide range. Compared with other conveyors, the noise is very small, and it is very suitable for the quiet situation of the work requirements, mainly used in raw material pretreatment, choice filling, finished packaging and so on.
    Today, we eat a lot of food, like frozen dumplings, potato chips, biscuits, cola and so on in the production process all need to use the conveying equipment, so, food conveyor is a very important line of products in a classification, is an important pipeline transportation equipment, its food production enterprises occupy a large market.