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What are the use methods of AMC conveyor belt?

AMC AMC 2017-11-10 13:47:38
  1. Prevent the load of conveyor belt from starting.

    2, conveyor belt occurred deviation, should take timely measures to correct.

    3, different types, specifications layer of conveyor belt should not be connected together, the best use of the joint vulcanization method.

    4, the type of conveyor belt, structure, specifications, layers should be selected according to the use of reasonable conditions.

    5, conveyor belt operating speed is generally not greater than/, block size, large wear-resistant materials and the use of fixed pear unloading device should be used as low as possible.

    6, roller conveyor transmission drum diameter and conveyor belt cloth layer of the relationship between the driving drum, the supporting drum and the support roller groove angle should be based on the design requirements of transport, reasonable selection.

    7, feeding direction should be the direction of the conveyor belt, in order to reduce the material fall on the impact of the conveyor belt should be mining chute, reduce the material drop distance, the conveyor belt, should shorten the roller spacing and the use of cushion roller for leakage, conveyor belt compliant with the use of soft and appropriate block plate, so as to avoid the material plate, scraping the conveyor belt surface.

    8, the conveyor in use, for the lack of rollers, should be added and repaired in a timely manner, the roller is covered by material, resulting in a rotary, prevent leakage of material card in the drum and tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the conveyor belt, but not oily conveyor belt.

    9, to avoid the conveyor belt suffered from the rack, prop or block material block, to prevent cracking, found that the conveyor belt local damage, the application of artificial cotton timely repair to avoid expansion.