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The safe operation procedure that the food conveyer must obey Strictly

AMC AMC 2017-12-15 16:13:56
    First, when the food conveyor is ready to start, should first observe whether the food conveyor storage of production materials, in the determination of food conveyor no other production materials, in a certain period of time no-load delivery, until the operation has no problem, and then the food conveyor for material transportation production operations, special attention is, Do not install the material before starting the food conveyor

    Second, to open the food conveyor should first check the conveyor belt tightness, gears, chain boards, bearings and other transmission parts should be checked to see if it is good, buckle is firmly fastened, idler and protective devices should look at whether neat, drum width and food conveyor belt should be consistent, electrical protection 0 or grounded is good, Whether the wheel is symmetrical wedge tight, if not have to wedge tight; the stationary belt food conveyor should be installed under solid conditions. Multi-machine parallel work, each machine should be more than one meter between the aisle, in the inspection of food conveyor around there is no impact on the operation of obstacles.

    Third, the food conveyor in the transport of large bulk cargo, the conveyor line should be installed on both sides of protective devices, such as loading plate or fence. When feeding the food conveyor should look at the quasi conveyor belt center and adjust the height, to avoid in the process of putting materials on the conveyor belt, roller caused a strong impact, the material should be evenly added.

    Four, must in the food conveyor stops the work, adjusts the food conveyor The discharging height, after adjusts the height, must insert the safety pin well again to tighten the connection nut.

    Five, when the food conveyor in the assembly line production, the staff should be at any time to observe the operation of food conveyor, if the transmission with the deviation or slack condition, should be stopped for maintenance. If there are other emergencies, such as power outages, should immediately cut off the power line and the goods on the pipeline clean up, and so on after the electricity came to troubleshoot, and then connect the power to work. The conveyor line of the food conveyor, after the production of materials to carry out the operation of the smooth completion of the operation, should be cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, and then clean the conveyor line of materials and the shield will be the motor cover