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What is the role of food packaging machinery?

AMC AMC 2017-04-01 10:03:11
1, can be realized not possible with manual packaging operations. Inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, skin packaging
2, improve labor productivity, food machinery and packaging much faster than manual packaging. In candy wrappers, for example, manual 1 minute up to 30, and confectionery packaging machines at hundreds of even thousands of words per minute.
3, can effectively guarantee the quality. Mechanical packaging available upon request in accordance with different shape and size for uniform specifications of the packaging and manual packaging is not guaranteed.  Total quality requirements is particularly important especially for export goods, only packaging machinery in order to meet the requirements of standardization, standardization of the collection package.
4, for the serious health effects of products, food packaging machinery to protect workers. If serious dust or toxic products; irritant or radioactive products, hand-packed to be hazardous to health, while the mechanical packaging can be avoided.
5, can reduce labor intensity improvement of labor conditions of hand-packed intensity a lot. As with manual packaging the products of large size and heavy weight, both energy consumption and unsafe light products due to the higher frequency of monotonous, workers have no work.
6, to reduce packaging costs, savings in storage costs for loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, used shrink wrap machine-packed, can be greatly reduced in volume, so as to reduce packaging costs. Because of greatly reduced in size, saving capacity, reduce storage costs and transport.
7, reliable guarantee of product hygiene. Such as food and drug packaging, packaging machinery to avoid the direct contact with staff, ensuring the quality of health.
8, can promote the development of related industries. Video packaging machinery is a synthetic science, related to materials, processes, equipment, electronics, electrical, automation and other disciplines, and requires synchronous coordination development of any discipline issues will affect the overall performance of packaging machinery.