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function of control system of food line roller conveyor

AMC AMC 2017-08-08 10:08:42
Roller ConveyorThe control system is composed of hardware system and software system. The controller is the heart of the control system, usually in the conveying system of each roller conveyor design and installation of a programmable control box, responsible for the specific operation of the roller conveyor, the following to see the drum conveyor control system role.
    1. Control automation. Automation is mainly embodied in the selection of the controller of the system and the function of remote monitoring. The staff of the master station can access and control each station through the information management system of the workstation, collect data and manage the equipment. Facilitate the timely processing of information, and thus enhance the stability of the system;
    2, fault self-diagnosis. System Network, PLC programmable controller, sensor equipment has a self-monitoring function, encountered network disconnection, control module failure, signal transmission interference and so on, the system will issue corresponding alarm.
    3. Fully distributed structure. The system uses the whole distributed structure, "the ground control is the main, the downhole control is supplemented", the host and the classification is not mutually disturbed, even if the ground part has the breakdown, also will not affect the downhole unit normal operation. Thus, the reliability of the system is enhanced.
    4. humanized operation. The system control interface is reasonable and the human interface is adopted. Simulation of the real operation of the scene, the image display vivid, intuitive and generous, easy to identify the operator, control is also a lot of convenience. Functional settings are also relatively complete, with operating conditions display, detection data reporting and fault prompts and other functions.
    5, low operating costs. Because it is remote distribution control, it reduces the unit wiring and saves the cost cost. Because of the system stability, the reliability is strong, and the system expansibility is good, the network flexibility degree is high, therefore can realize the function transformation through the change software decency, but does not need to redesign.
    6, low maintenance costs. The reliability of the system itself, coupled with its own fault detection function, so reduce the probability of failure of the system, maintenance costs are saved.
    The above isRoller ConveyorThe role of the control system. The heart of the control system is the controller, so be sure to maintain it well.