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AMC food tunnel refrigeration equipment for the food industry escort

AMC AMC 2015-07-27 11:37:50
In order to meet the requirements of the food industry rapid cooling, AMC many years of experience in the refrigeration system development and application of technology, the successful development of cascade refrigeration system -60 ℃ ~ -80 ℃ ultra-low temperature this domain (binary refrigeration system). Tunnel cooling units are specially tailored for the food ingredients dedicated cooling equipment for rapid cooling process raw materials in high temperature Zhengkao carried out, especially fish and other ultra-low temperature freezing and processing industries, it is widely used in large quantities large-sized product for fruit. French fries and vegetables. meat. and seafood fisheries, agriculture, livestock industry, food, medicine and other industries freezers.
A: cooling tunnel is mainly has the following characteristics:
1. 304 stainless steel plate inner plate and in line with food-grade material conveyor belt, in line with food hygiene and safety;
2. Transport motor adopts frequency control;
3. Using two or more stages of cooling, such as a plurality of cooling sections fresh air cooling, refrigeration and cooling, with energy-saving, cooling speed, simple operation;
4. Using special cooling passages and cooling air supply. Material allows smaller particles sorghum, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat and other cooling process does not fly in the cooling channels.
5. Designed with special material bulk device allowing the belt to cool the material in a uniform distribution list can ensure cooling, cooling temperature uniformity, to solve the cooling problem of uneven cooling tunnel.
6. Cooling capacity: 150kg / h-2000kg / h
7. be two separate power - can effectively control air flow and speed.
8. effective freeze light, and viscous. Friable refractory products.
9. The modular design is easy to transport, easy to install. Simple operation, customers can save time and money.
II: rapid cooling to cool hot food, mainly has the following characteristics:
(1) cooling fast food is cooled from 100 ℃ to only 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature; cooled to below 10 ℃ 25 minutes or so, with high production efficiency;
(2) the cooling temperature uniformity. As food cooling temperature depends on the degree of vacuum chamber, and the chamber vacuum (pressure) the same everywhere, so the food temperature is very uniform;
(3) to avoid environmental secondary pollution for food. Vacuum cooling housing complex after the completion of the intake pressure, the air is filtered through 0.006um level of gas, filling the cooling tank of gas does not contain any dust in the air suspension, completely avoid the dust in the air suspension for food secondary pollution;
(4) improve the quality of cooked food. Since the cooling time is short, the maximum to avoid fat oxidation and other reactions starch pasting temperature food materials at high temperatures generated; but also greatly limits to avoid the high temperature fermentation of food materials in the 60 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ arising (bacteria), and to improve the taste of the skillet, long-term preservation of food from basic protection of their physical condition; thus, a lot of cooked food to avoid adding preservatives, so that cooked food has become a real "green";
(5) equipment, small footprint. Because they do not produce any pollutants while it is running, it can be installed directly in the field of cooked food production lines, safety and health;
(6) easy to operate, reliable operation. After setting the appropriate data, shut the door vacuum, according to a certain button will automatically complete the cooling process, and an alarm signal to open the door, take out food;
(7) in energy consumption, low operating costs.
(8) cheap, it cost about only about 1/3 of imports witty group.
    I also undertake a variety of process cooling water engineering (water temperature -120 ℃ - 25 ℃), the material is cooled warehouses, cold air conditioning unit fresh air, clean, environmental laboratories and other projects and production, manufacturing all kinds of refrigeration units. Each customer's requirements and venues have differences, we will according to your special request. To design a perfect solution tailored to our special cooling device according to the characteristics of various materials and production processes, are welcome to come to inquire Chat! AMC is a cooling tunnel design company in China.