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Do not completely cooled food to the fridge

AMC AMC 2015-07-12 21:40:26
1, daily life, a lot of the food is not yet completely cooled into the refrigerator, in fact, this is wrong. In the food temperature is still high (10 ℃ above) can still take advantage of micro-organisms to multiply. The correct approach is:

If you have prepared food or leftover food in advance want to keep more than 4-5 hours, the storage temperature must be above 60 ℃ or in the shortest time dropped below 10 ℃.

2, choose to use the safe handling of food or by raw material:

Buy fresh food, whether you want your food to look special storage requirements for storage. For example, select sterilized milk processing, select irradiated with ultraviolet fresh or frozen poultry meat and the like.

3, thorough reheating cooked food:

The overall food heated again and to ensure that all parts of the food up to 70 degrees Celsius, so can kill the proliferation of microorganisms during storage.

4, to avoid raw and cooked food cross-contamination:

Often this is caused by careless or bad habits, such as when cooking operation first with a knife, chopping board cooked food; with abundant raw food containers had cooked; the refrigerator to store food mix raw and cooked, so causing secondary pollution.

5, repeated hand washing:

Before handling food or eating should wash hands, especially for the children in diapers, and went to the bathroom, touching over unclean items (such as coins, pets) after; hand wound when in contact with food, the best bandage or wear glands.