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Why use refrigerators for food preservation

AMc AMc 2017-05-02 15:01:42
Food at ambient temperature (20 ℃ or so) storage, due to the effect of the food on the surface of microorganisms and food contained in the enzyme role, so that the food color, aroma, flavor and nutritional value of the lower, if long time, food will corrupt or deteriorate, so that completely inedible. In addition to microbial and enzyme-induced deterioration, there are non-enzyme-induced deterioration, such as lipid peroxidation and so on. Hypothermia can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and enzyme activity, but also reduce the rate of non-enzyme-induced chemical reactions, thus can prolong the preservation of food.
Therefore, in the catering industry needs to use the kitchen refrigerator for food preservation of low-temperature storage equipment, also known as the kitchen freezer. As the kitchen refrigerator using the environment for the kitchen, to contact with food and raw materials, should have wear-resisting, acid and alkali, fire prevention, bacteria, hygiene and other characteristics, so the kitchen refrigerator universal stainless steel. Kitchen refrigerator According to structure and door body generally divided into desktop, two doors, four doors, six doors, kitchen refrigerator box door increase, the box is separated into different temperature range of the number of space increases, so that the kitchen refrigerator function more to improve, the different storage temperature requirements of the goods can be accessed separately in different box doors, can reduce the storage of the mutual interference, while conducive to reduce air-conditioning leakage. Food spoilage is mainly caused by microbial fermentation, and when the environment in which microorganisms are in food is suitable for microbial growth, microorganisms will multiply and cause food fermentation to deteriorate. Frozen refrigerated for food microorganisms provide a low-temperature environment for growth, microbial growth is inhibited, food can be preserved for a long time.
Cold storage and freezing for fruits and vegetables or other foods are the use of low-temperature preservation, but there is a clear distinction between the two.
The so-called refrigerated preservation, refers to 0 degrees above the low temperature preservation, will be perishable food first cold, and then at slightly above freezing temperature of the storage of food preservation methods, fruits and vegetables at this temperature still have life activities. As a result of various fruits and vegetables to the sensitivity of low temperature, so different fruits and vegetables cold storage temperature is also different. Food preservation can retard the deterioration of food and maintain its freshness, but the preservation period is shorter.
Freezing is the fruit or other food in advance after freezing, and then placed under 0 degrees of low temperature preservation, is to make food almost unchanged to maintain its original characteristics of the excellent way. Fruits and vegetables frozen, all life activities completely stopped. The first is that the low temperature slows the bio-chemical reactions and inhibits the activity of microorganisms, and the second is to reduce the water activity in the substrate, as most of the moisture content in the temperature (-18 ℃ or lower) is normally used for freezing food into ice. Because the storage temperature is quite low, so the storage time is particularly long, the general storage of six months to one years is not difficult, the middle also does not need to worry about corruption.